Likee app - let you shine

Likee App For Android- Let You Shine

Likee- Let you Shine yourself by showing your Talent on Likee. Likee is the best, Social Platform where you can show your talents to others and make yourself Popular. Some peoples want to show their best talents and no platform available for them., Then they need to show their talents on likee.

Likee app - let you shine
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Make a short video about your talent and publish it on Likee. Likee Platform promotes your video, if you show new talents and peoples like your video, then automatically Likee promote your video with millions of peoples. In this way, they can easily know about your talent. If you have the best and new talent then you become a star in a few days or Month.

Before using and installing this android app you must have knowledge of how to register your account and how to use it on an android phone. So below headings are about it

How To Create Account On Likee?

Follow the below steps to know how to create your account on Likee

  1. Install Likee From Play Store
  2. Open it and see the details about it. Now two option appear in your front
  3. Click on Create Account Option.
  4. Now Enter Your Name, Age means Date of Birth
  5. Select Your Gender, Male or Female
  6. Now Enter Your Email
  7. Put Your Phone number in the Phone number Box with Country code
  8. Select your Country
  9. Now Click on Create Account
  10. Verify OTP Code that received on Your Register phone number
  11. After completing the Account registration you need to do further steps

How To Use?

  1. First of all, Upload your image on your profile and complete your profile like add your description, social account links, your interest, and much more required things.
  2. You can follow your Favorite stars by clicking on the follow button
  3. Find your favorite stars by searching with their name or profile id from the Search box of Likee.
  4. Find trending videos on likee and you can also see other videos and talents from your news feed
  5. If you want to create your video on any song, Music, or fun voice then select that voice and click on the start video option. In this way, you can make your own videos and Start showing your talents on likee

Install From Play Store


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