Oreo TV APK Download Latest Version 1.8.0 (Android & PC)

By | November 8, 2019

Oreo Tv Apk is the best android tv channels and Movies app for android and pc. This is the Oreo tv Apk 1.8.0 version. You can get and enjoy this tv channel app on android and PC. Now you can easily watch best and new content on a daily bases and enjoy these content freely. This Oreo tv consists of more than thousands of tv channels that help you to watch everything on Mobile and PC. For PC and mobile users, it provides more than 7000 tv channels in the Latest Version of this tv channels app. It also Provides you movies. You can watch movies on Moviefire App Apk Now you can easily Oreo tv Download and enjoy Oreo tv online on your all smartphone devices and laptop.


You can download Oreo tv for windows 7 and window 10. These tv channels are for news, Movies and other categories of tv channels. So watch movies and news on android phones as well as on PC with the help of this Oreo tv App.

The best thing in Oreo tv is the sports tv channels app, it means that all kinds of sports tv channels like Cricket, Hockey, Football and many more sports tv channels also available in this tv channel app. You can enjoy all the sports events and matches with the help of this latest tv channels app called Oreo tv. You can also enjoy tv Channels On Punjab Tv New Apk

What is Oreo Tv Apk?

Oreo tv Apk is the latest tv channels app that is released after the Joi tv. The reason behind the releasing of this tv app is to cover the all sports channels of Joi tv after the stop of Jio tv. The Jio tv stops working recently. You can enjoy Oreo tv online all the best tv channels app on your android phone and PC with the help of this latest Oreo tv app.

Key Features Of Oreo Tv Apk App

The Oreo Tv Apk is for Both Mobile Phone and PC Users. It has a different version like Oreo tv 1.7.6 Apk, Oreo tv 1.7.2. You can use this app on Windows 10 and window 7 on PC. If you are a mobile user then you can get this television app on mobile phone While if you are a PC user then you can get it on your pc. The key features of this tv channel application are given below.

Oreo TV Apk Download


This tv channel application called Oreo tv is full ads free. Now you can watch all the country’s latest and new categories of tv channels free and without any ads. You just need an internet data connection on your PC or Android for watching tv channels on this television app.


Fast & Secure:

Oreo tv is one of the top class Fast & secure television channels app in the Apk version. This is one of the World’s best tv channels app that is very fast and secure. Now the users can watch the latest tv channels by just a single click in a very fast way. This app is very secure for all television lovers. You can easily watch any channels very fastly and in a secure way by using Oreo tv Apk.

Oreo TV Apk

Free Download:

You do not need to pay any payment for downloading this application. This the Oreo tv Apk Download free and enjoy on android and pc. The way of downloading this application will be discussed below this heading. You just need internet data for downloading this application.


Chat with official teams of Oreo tv in this application. The chat button is available in this application that helps you to chat with the official team of this application about any problems. If you face any problem in this app then content with the official team for the fixing of any bug.

Indian Tv Channels:

Watch Latest Indian tv channels on android phone and pc with the help of this Oreo tv channels app. In Indian tv channels categories, you can enjoy all free and paid tv channels free of cost on Oreo tv Apk.  The sports channels, Movies Channels, Entertainment channels, Informative channels and other kinds of channels are also available on the Oreo tv Latest Version Update. If you face any problems in the Indian tv channels categories then you should need to contact the official developer of this app.

Asian Tv Channels:

The oreo tv Apk also consists of all Asian tv channels. Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Indonesian and other countries tv channels available in this app are in Asia. So many sports events occur in Asia like cricket, hockey, football, and many more sports events. You can watch all these events on android phones and PC with the help of this television application.

United State’s and Canada Tv Channels

The tv channels of the United States and Canada also available in this oreo tv Apk. The peoples who are living in the United States or Canada can easily enjoy their own country tv channels on this latest version of television application. This application solves the problem of the United States because they can watch their own country entertainment, News and sports channels freely without paying anything.

Oreo Tv Apk

How To Download Oreo Tv Apk App On Amazon Firestick/ Firetv

The Oreo Tv Apk Download method will be fully discussed here. The Oreo Tv App Also Present in the Play store. If you can’t get this app on play store then go for the Apk version. In this article, I will tell you how to download Oreo Tv Apk from different methods. First of all, I will tell you the google method. Open any android phone browser and write Oreo TV Apk in the google search. Google gives you many websites where this app is available. Find the Apkball.com website or any other website that is available on the top 5 lists in google. Click any of it and click on the download button. If this app shows any error in downloading on Android or PC Window 7 or Windows 10 then click on the download button that is given below this paragraph.

Now I want to tell you how to download Oreo tv Apk from Firestick or Fire TV. The following procedure is given below to Download Oreo tv Apk latest version On Android.

  1. First of all, open the or launch your firestick and then go into the Home Screen of firestick and find the setting. Click on the setting option of the firestick.
  2. When you click on it many options come, click on the Device option
  3. Now  the device option open and click on the developer option
  4. After that click on the apps from the unknown sources option.
  5. After that click on the turn-on option
  6. Now go back to the home and here find the search option and click on that option.
  7. After this process writes the Downloader in the search option.
  8. Now click on the Downloader app
  9. Click and the open in the downloader app and allow this by clicking on the allow button.
  10. After the Allow button click on the Ok button that is in front of you.
  11. Now go to setting in left and allow the JavaScript ( the third option).
  12. After that click on the browser and find the search option. Here enter the exact URL of Oreo tv Apk and download it from firestick
  13. Wait for downloading, when downloading is done then allow this app from the unknown sources and run it on an android phone.

What Devices Does It Work On?

The Oreo Tv Apk supports all android devices and PC. This app is compatible with all android phones and other devices. Some Aree is given below.

  1. All Android Mobile Phone
  2. Support All Android Tv Box
  3. It also works on Fire tv/ Firestick
  4. Works on Fire cube
  5. Compatible with NVIDIA Shield
  6. PC/ Laptop
  7. Smart Watches of Android

What Permission Do You Need?

For installing this application on an android phone and PC you should need to allow permission with unknown sources. The Unknown source permission is necessary for this latest oreo television app. This application does not install and work without the unknown source’s permission

Does Oreo Tv Apk Install On PC?

The Oreo tv Apk directly cannot install on the PC or any other window but indirectly you can easily download this app on PC via Android emulator. You can easily run Oreo tv Apk on PC with the help Of This emulator. So the emulator is necessary for installing this television app on pc.

Is Oreo Tv Virus Free?

Yes, the Oreo tv Apk application is completely virus free and any other malware. You can use it without any tension. If you feeling any problem in this app then you can easily scan this app

Is Oreo Tv Ads Free?

Yes, The Oreo Tv is fully ads-free. You can enjoy this tv channels app without any ads and tension.

Is Oreo TV free?

Yes, the oreo tv Apk is totally free. You can use this app freely.

How To Download Oreo Tv App For PC & Windows

The Oreo tv app is especially for android phone lovers. You can Download Oreo Tv App for PC indirectly. The Oreo Tv for Windows directly cannot install on Windows but indirectly you can easily download this tv channels app. The Android emulator helps you to Install this television app on pc and windows. You can easily download this tv app on PC And Windows with the help of an Android emulator.

“Android emulator’ is specially designed for PC and Windows User because it helps you to play games on Pc Smoothly and run any apps and games on pc before launch. It also helps you to download android apps on Pc.

Download Android emulator on Pc and install many apps like the Oreo tv on PC and make game performance good and amazing and check any app before launching on PC.

How To Use?

The using method of Oreo tv on android phones and Pc is the same. After installing this app, allow permission from an unknown source to run it on mobile. After that click to open this television application. When you open it, the simple interface come that consists of many country channels like Canada, the United States, Indian & Pakistani. Select one of your favorite countries and find the best categories like sports, entertainment, and news. Click on any of your favorite tv channels to enjoy it on an android phone.


This is the World’s best and top IPTV streaming application nowadays. Full information about this television app is given above this paragraph. You can simply learn about this app and easily install/ download on android phone, PC and Windows. This latest amazing television app is specially made for the United States and Asian peoples to watch their tv channels. I hope you can easily use this app on all android phones and devices. Free To Use on Smartphone and PC.









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