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By | October 30, 2019

Palm Truth Apk app is the best to palm scanner app for android. Now you can get scan your palm very easily and know everything about your self. it helps you to understand everything about your hand and features. If you want to know about your features throw the hand lines, then this is the best choice for you.

Palm truth apk downloads and enjoy all kinds of features from this latest palm scanner app. This app work like a magic android application. Install it on your phone and check your future life throw this palm scanning. The palm of your tells you the features of you. So get this palm apk app and learn everything about this palm truth.

How To Use & Download Palm Truth Apk App Download

Palm Truth Apk App download and using method are very simple. First, I teach you the installing method of the palm truth app. Open the play store application and write a palm truth app in the search option. The play store has a great ability to show you’re the exact result. So the play store show you this app you click on the download button. This palm truth app has a good and great rating. This is a new app in the play store and trending app.


Palm Truth Apk download Palm Scaner app

Now I want to tell you how to Palm truth apk download. The apk version of all applications only available on google. So write palm truth apk in the search option of Google. Google shows you this android palm scanner app. You need to click on the first or second result of the apk. Download palm truth apk from here and allow permission with unknown sources for proper work on android.

The using method is very easy. Open after the permission it asked you to scan your hand. When you scan hand then this application tell you about your hand lines and tells you which line is for which things.

Features Of Palm Truth Apk

The heading below is the features of this palm truth apk. I will show you the features and results that come appear when I scan my hand in this palm truth app.


Heart Line 

The heart is too soft

This app said Your Heartline is very long, which indicates that you value personal feelings very much. You are so kind-hearted that your thinking is often affected by others. You often feel abandoned by others. However, if you have a rich social experience, you will become decisive. You are warmhearted and generous, so you can make a good impression on others. Moreover, you are faithful to your love. So it’s extremely lucky to be your marriage partner. Your heart line intersects with your love should be based on wisdom pr rationality otherwise, you will always be disturbed by your love relationship problems, or only rational love can bring you maximum happiness.

Palm truth apk App download

You are always indecisive and insecure about your love, so get disappointed in love. On the other hand, it also means that you often choose the wrong girlfriend or boyfriend. You can not tolerate so many disadvantages of your love or means that your love will be the lover of the other person. Consequently, you have no choice but to break up with her/him


Careful Calculation

Your headline is relatively long, which indicates that you are often self-centered, and independently think and act. You are too arrogant to be successful. On the other hand, this means that you are easily hurt by love, and lose faith in love. Thus, you are more careful to select your boyfriend or girlfriend. You probably get married late, but your marriage is generally very happy. However, you must be careful about your finance, because people with such palm lines are generally too idealistic and even unrealistic. You are not good at managing your money.

It is possible that there are some disputes caused by different financial concepts between you and your partner. This will cause your family is in a fiscal crisis. Your headline is branched, which indicates that you are versatile. You are gifted at music, drawing, and creation and so on, so you can further develop your strong points. However, some branches are good and others are bad. Bad branches mean that you are too obsessed with something and too strict with some people or something. Even you often dispute about unimportant matters.

On the other hand, this means that you are sensitive to business opportunities. You are often shrewd in money matters and have good at solving problems. You are willing to devote yourself to career and purse knowledge and wealth. Your headline and lifeline extended and are separated, which indicates that you are decisive and independent. Moreover, you have strong self-control. You bravely work towards your goal. You are clever and sharp-minded. The headline will affect interpersonal relationships. If the headline is bent, you tend to be bad-tempered. you can easily outsmart yourself. On the other hand, it is possible that you suffer from insomnia. You may be eccentric and lack perseverance.


There is only one fate line. which indicates that you have your own idea about your career. You can work hard and will not excessively rely on others. You will eventually succeed in your career. Then you can enjoy privileges and wealth. If you choose to work like a boss, you still can develop your business steadily. Moreover, you are luckier when working like a boss. Someone will help you to realize your dream. there are fewer setbacks during this process. Generally, you will make a good achievement.

However, you love to let nature take its course, and care about a happy life, instead of a big achievement. In fact, this will not be good for working like a boss, because you have no crisis awareness and strong imbibition. if you really determine entrepreneurship, you should change your mentality. Your fate line ends at your heartline, which indicated that you probably suffer setbacks that are mostly caused by love relationship problems or illicit love disputes.

Thus you should appropriate control your sexual passion and should carefully select your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, if you can make good use of opposite friends, they will help you with your career. From the fate lines, different positions on this line represent different cafes. Your fate line just extends your heart line, which indicated that you have no good luck in your career after middle age. You probably go from bad to worse after 50 years old.


One lifeline is common, which means that your health condition is good, and you are not easy to get ill or have some accidents. However, you still need to pay attention to health problems, and you should do more physical exercise. On the other hand, it shows that you have a good relationship with others, and your best friends are by your side. Your lifeline is long, which represents your strong vitality, you have a long life and you’re healthy. You are outgoing, frank and energetic. In daily life, you are active on everything, brave and always moving forward. But you are likely to be dictatorial, arrogant, subjective. you need to avoid excessive self-indulgent, in case you hurt.

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