Spectrolizer – Music Player & Visualizer App For Android

By | May 25, 2019

Spectrolizer Music Player App

Spectrolizer Music Player App is one of a kind, crossover Music Player with sound system, spectrographic 3D Music Visualizer, in view of new, front line Psychoacoustic Spectrum Analysis innovation, created by AICore Software Company.


All that you see is genuine information created by a range analyzer, and there is a great deal of this information. This range analyzer has mind-blowing qualities and can deliver constant examination for 480 groups (RTA 1/48) in surround sound. It also absolute 960 groups, and with result rate up to 500 outcomes for every second for each band. In the long run, it can deliver up to 480000 outcomes (new pixels in surfaces) every second (relies upon CPU of gadget).


This makes the Spectrolizer best visualizer with the most elevated level of connection between’s a sound and delivered visual substance. Just with Sectrolizer, you will perceive how the artist’s voice vibrates, you will see each beat of a drumroll, you won’t miss any of the briefest acoustic trill (clear sign), you will comprehend that the distinction in the sound of different instruments cannot exclusively be heard, yet in addition seen. Oppo Mobile Secret Codes App For Android

Highlights Of Spectrolizer music more paly

Multiple Layout and Color presets

Layout and Color presets editorial manager

It has multiple View Modes like a Normal, Kaleidoscope as well as VR, Pyramidal Reflector. It also has a Simple Reflector and dB Analyzer.

Multiple Presentation Modes (Light Show, Ink Show, Blend Show with your own pictures on foundation)

Others propelled highlights. For instance: Visualization Delay (for Bluetooth headsets or speakers), capacity to show Visualization on outside HDMI show

Capacity to play your tracks from Media Library or legitimately from capacity or outer USB stockpiling organizers

Ability to play Internet Media Streams (Internet Radio)

Media Library Browser with loads of highlights like arranging and gathering media tracks by Title. It also by Album, Artist, Year, Duration, Date included, Folder, File Name or the File Size

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