Whats Image Hider App Download

Whats Image Hider App Download- This is the best android app that helps you to hide images and videos of Whatsapp on your mobile phone. Now you can easily secure your private images and videos from others with the help of this app. Friends, now you can learn completely about this whats image hider app by reading this article completely.

It hides WhatsApp images and videos from the app gallery. Now free to show videos to your camera and any videos.
It does not delete or encrypt photos or videos. This is just hidden from the gallery or any other photo viewer app. You will still be able to access your photos/videos through the explanation of files, even if it is hidden. It also hides new images or videos received by WhatsApp. It does not read any of your WhatsApp messages or your personal data.
So be free to use this application.

Friends in this article you can easily understand whats image hider app for android. In this article, I will show you the installation method and a few notes about this WhatsApp image hider app.

How To Install Whats Image Hider

Friends, you can install whats image hider app from google play store. For installing must open google play store app on your mobile and search whats image hider. The play store app gives you a whats image hider result. You can install and allow permission to this app by clicking on the install and allow button. After that click on the image hide on the button and video hide on the button to hide these WhatsApp things on an Android smartphone.

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