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WhatSaga App Download

WhatSaga Apk is the best feature containing app for WhatsApp android users. Now you can post longer WhatsApp status or upload WhatsApp status more than 30 seconds. WhatSaga App helps you to set more than 30 seconds status on your WhatsApp. It also helps you to save status from any WhatsApp status or Download local status that is available in this app.

If you are WhatsApp users then WhatSaga apk is best for you to upload longer videos on WhatsApp status. Many peoples are worries about WhatsApp that how they can post larger status on his WhatsApp. I have a good trick for those who like to share videos on WhatsApp status for more than 30 seconds. If you want to learn all about the WhatSaga Apk App for android then read it.



Now I want to tell you that how WhatSaga works and how to use this android app on smartphones very easily. Dear friends whatSaga App splits the larger video into 30 seconds parts and upload it on status just a single click. It makes Whatsapp very unique because now everyone is trying to upload larger status and stories on their status. It make many peoples happy because they like to upload larger videos status.

WhatSaga Apk


This is an amazing tool for those who use WhatsApp on a daily basis because it protects you from the work of splitting videos. WhatSaga split a long video into little part just single click on android phone. My dear visitors if you like to understand fully about WhatSaga Storie’s saver then read the article carefully with the mind.

How to use and WhatSaga Apk App Download

WhatSaga Apk Download

WhatSaga App Download and WhatSaga Apk Download method are easy and amazing. Here I will tell you how to use and install WhatSaga Apk on android mobile phones. WhatSaga has three version categories. For WhatSaga App Download you just need to open Play store Application. Write WhatsSaga Longer stories and status savers in the search section of the Google Play store.

Play store show this WhatsApp larger stories poster at the top of the play store result. Now you can easily WhatSaga App Download. After installing this larger stories the uploader allow permission for proper work on the phone. Now I want to tell you that how to WhatSaga Apk Download. First of all open Google app of your mobile phone for apk version of this larger story maker. Write WhatSaga apk in the google or click on the download button given below. After downloading these stories the maker allows permission with Unknown sources into your android smartphone


Now you can open this larger story saver. Click on the video status option that is present in the first of this app. Here this story saver app shows you many short and long videos that are available in your Gallery of mobile phone. Then select the video which you want to make status, it will split this large video into a small 30 seconds part. After that, he asks you to share this on Whatsapp, click on this share button and select WhatsApp status option.

                     WhatSaga App Download from play store

The WhatSaga Premium Apk Or Pro

The WhatSaga premium apk or whatSaga apk is the paid version of this larger video status maker. This premium version of WhatSaga apk has many good and amazing features as compared to the free version. The other thing in the premium version is that it is the ads-free version of this larger WhatsApp status uploader. The premium version of this larger Status maker app is available on the Google Play store. For WhatSaga Pro or WhatSaga Premium write the name of this app in the search box of Play store. The Play store gives WhatSaga Pro at the top result click to download or install option in android.

WhatSaga Premium apk version is not available on the Google Play store. The apk version of this app is only available on google. Download WhatSaga Premium apk from google and make amazing status or large video status and upload it on your WhatsApp status.

Main Features

  1. It helps you to set more than 30 seconds of video status on your Whatsapp status.
  2. Split large video it to single click and provide the feature to upload it on just single click
  3. This app is less MB Size that helps to upload a large video on your status in just a seconds
  4. Longer status maker and less than 5 MB Size
  5. Helps you to set Audio status on Whatsapp


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