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ZOOM Cloud Meetings App For Android

Stay Connected With Peoples Using Zoom Cloud app. Zoom Cloud app is the best and amazing app For Video and Audio meeting. Now you can be meeting with 100 peoples Online at a Time Using this App. This changes the way of communication with others, Especially it helps a lot to Students and Teachers.

zoom Cloud Meeting app
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Teachers can easily arrange meetings and convey their lectures to students online via zoom. In this way, the teacher can easily help their students online and students can easily learn their study and take help in any topic from their teachers.

Businessman and Politicians can easily arrange their meetings in any emergency situation and in any important discussion online. I have the best experience in this app because I mostly use this cloud app for an important discussion with my friends and worker.

You can easily take live with other people via the Zoom app. In this way, this app helps a lot.

Features Of Zoom Cloud App

Zoom Cloud app has many Features, But here I will explain a few important features to you.

  1. Arrange Group Meeting with Peoples Live Like Video and Audio Meeting
  2. Record any meeting video with just one click and save it into Gallery.
  3. The Meeting Owner can easily remove and accept someone in the meeting
  4. Arrange a Private meeting with Specific peoples
  5. You can easily share your laptop Screen or Computer Screen with all peoples who are in your meeting
  6. Its also has a feature to arrange Schedule Meeting

How To Use?

  1. Visit Zoom.us on your desktop browser or open a zoom app on android. You can easily arrange a meeting on both of them
  2. Create an account First, then log in and then click on arrange a meeting
  3. You can choose a video meeting or Audio Meeting option
  4. Now you can enable or disable the waiting option, then click on the invite people option
  5. Copy the link and share with peoples, they can easily join your meeting by clicking on this link
  6. When they click on it, zoom ask to launch meeting, click on launch option to join the meeting

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